small script that after starting will check every minute if there is a connection and then downloads/sends mail & news if at least 20 minutes have past since the last download.

Please note that a permanent news-pull at a high frequency has recently had some effect on some newsservers. See <[email protected]>
This script therefore makes sure that 'on the occation' that you are on-line Hamster picks up on it and downloads whatever available without me having to think about it, but will not annoy any servers if you are on-line longer periods.
Possible extentions are: Check if mail/news have to be send and do that when needed.


It includes a reference to a script called newmail, download that as well, or replace it with a script to your liking which will inform you that new mail has arrived.

If you are after automatic dialing and the like have a look at this but note that there that version will not SEND news (but does email); it observes Sabath & Sunday & it does not disconnect the phone-line. Just included here for ideas

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