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Scriptarchive (mainly German) Michael Gebert Scriptarchive continous (new link 6.2.2005)
Simple Script that continuously checks mail & news if connected mgk Info & Downloadpage 27.05.01
Script to administer a mailing list
"I believe it's mostly working, but it's been two years since I worked on it.
Further comments in readme.txt." - P.B.
Paul Batchie 15.09.02
Script, that tells you which new emails have arrived Daniel Kopp English Versionnewmail.hsc
Deutsche  Versionnewmail_d.hsc

Script to test regular expressions in the hamster syntax operating either interactively or in the batch mode Karl Pflästerer 17.03.02

Script (Module) that takes a GetMID.txt file and copies it to all other newsservers
Formerly relevant for users of,,
Updated for Hamster
mgk 09.06.2002

Statistical Analysis of 'scoring' Killfile entries
'Killstats' creates a statistic analysing your filterrules. Which rule did how often match and when has the last match been. A copy of your 'mailFilt.hst' is written where each rule is marked with the frequency it appeares in the notify mails. So it helps finding unused rules.
Karl Pflästerer & Michael Jaritz English
16.08.2003 V2.0
Lisp-files to make the combination (X)emacs - Hamster a bit easier
Karl Pflästerer
Suspends & Resumes Newspull depending on usage.

Runs multilingual but .ini file descriptions are in German (translation in seperate file)
Wolfgang Jaeth
English VersionSuspend.ini
(needed to run above)

Modules together with scripts using those modules:
* create a dialup connection if not existant
* close dialupconnection if not needed anymore
* Mail- und Newsexchange
Most important the modules Ras.hsm und RasUI.hsm to handle dialup with or without user-interaction in your own scripts

Modules (Files.hsm, FilesUI.hsm) with scripts to use with them, which give a easy way to edit or delete , Mail & News waiting in the Outboxes. Selecting a message you get apart from (the unimportant) filename a header of your choice.
Aditionally the module IniFiles.hsm gives additional funktions for use with *.ini-files ect.

Lars P. Wolschner German
Notetab - clips for hsc-scripts & header.def Klaus Fischer 8.1.2001

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